Monday, May 31, 2010

31/05/2010 Short CHF/JPY [Cancel]

Cancelled this trade. Doesn't look like its going down but I will still be watching this pair. I've only got the EUR/CAD trade running now.

Trade: Short CHF/JPY
Open Price:  78.20
Take Profit: 76.40
Stop Loss: 79.60

Sunday, May 30, 2010

USD/JPY & CHF/JPY Observation

I might be taking short on these 2 pair for the coming week. If you zoom nearer at the USD/JPY chart, the candlestick may not look as good. It looks more like an uncertain candle. But if price does move down to the low of the candle, i might be shorting it.

As for the CHF/JPY pair, price pierce through the 79.00 which is some what an important level if you zoom out from the weekly timeframe.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

27/05/2010 Short AUD/JPY [Cancel]

I have canceled this trade. But the EUR/CAD trade is still going.

Trade: Short AUD/JPY
Open Price: 73.61
Take Profit: 72.10
Stop Loss: 75.10


27/05/2010 Short EUR/CAD [Close]

Take Profit hit after 5 days.

Trade: Short EUR/CAD
Open Price: 1.2952
Take Profit: 1.2649
Stop Loss: 1.3210

Result: +303

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The USD/JPY, EURF/CHF, USD/CAD trades does not look good at the moment. Seems like they are all heading towards my stop loss. Maybe i have made the wrong decision again for all 3 trades. We will see. Oh well.. This again reminds myself to look for stronger reasons to take the next trade.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

18/05/2010 Short USD/CAD [Close]

If this trade is executed, 1.0224 are might be a problem.

Trade: Short USD/CAD
Open Price: 1.0294
Take Profit: 1.0010
Stop Loss: 1.0455

Result: -161 (Ouch!)
Note: Seems like the price near the 1.0224 area is stronger than the one i have noted. Waiting for the next trade now.

18/05/2010 Long EUR/CHF [Close]

I may be going against the trend, but it might be good for some buy. 

Trade: Long EUR/CHF
Open Price: 1.4039
Take Profit: 1.4142
Stop Loss: 1.3990

Result: +103

18/05/2010 Long USD/JPY [Close]

Trade: Long USD/JPY
Open Price: 92.8
Take Profit: 93.69
Stop Loss: 91.65 

Result: -115
Note: Trade should be taken only if price hits weekly lines and not daily. Daily lines should be used as stop loss points. I will try to stick to this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11/05/2010 Short EUR/CHF

Trade: Short EUR/CHF
Open Price: 1.4164
Take Profit: 1.4010
Stop Loss: 1.4344

Result: +154

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

04/05/2010 Short AUD/CAD [Close]

I've forgotten to post up this trade i took yesterday. Doesn't look too good at the moment.

: Short AUD/CAD
Open Price: 0.9346
Take Profit: 0.9195
Stop Loss: 0.9456

Result: - 110
Comment(s): It's a shame that i put my stop loss too tight. If it was wider, i could have close this trade with a win. Oh well.. time to look for the next trade. But i closed the EUR/CHF trade with a win.