Thursday, November 19, 2009

19/11/2009 Short GBP/CHF Trade [Close]

Trade: Short GBP/CHF
Open Price: 1.6874
Take Profit: 1.6667
Stop Loss: 1.7123

Result: +93
24/11/09 Comment(s): Doesn't feel good about that last candle so i'm closing this trade for 93 pips.


payment reflections said...

This one just triggered for me, it's a shame I ca't seel lots for 0.01 per pip in this account.
If everything goes well, I'll make about $14 from this one. If it goes wrong I'll loose about $16. You know, the emotional part will take it's toll.

GTR said...

It's very little for me too but I'm taking this as a learning first. :)

I think this is not a good trade to risk more than your TP but it might just work out. Or maybe not. We'll see. G'luck!

Team said...

I couldn't agree more.

payment reflections said...

Closed this one at + $8, couldn't risk loosing. Sorry, I'm out of this one.

GTR said...

I understand that. I closed earlier myself and feel a little bit regret. Hehe. Oh well, this one is over. Looking at the others now. They don't look too good at the moment. =S